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Alarielle the Everqueen

Alarielle the Radiant was the eleventh Everqueen of the High Elves in the world-that-was and, after the End Times a goddess in the Realm of Ghyran.[1][2][3]


As the Everqueen she was one of the two rulers of Ulthuan and considered one of the most beautiful women of the Warhammer world, she is loved and worshipped by her subjects. She Alarielle was considered an avatar of Isha and a very powerful magician. She was nearly captured by the Dark Elves during their invasion but was saved by Tyrion, who was poisoned in the fighting. The pair managed to escape only to be hunted by four pursuing Assassins selected by Malekith himself. Caught at last, a feverish Tyrion managed to slay the four assassins but Malekith summoned N'kari, a Keeper of Secrets. The pair was rescued in extremis by Teclis, Tyrion's twin brother.[1][2]

Tyrion has since been appointed the Everqueen's personal champion and consort.[1][2]

Mortal Realms


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Alarielle was one of the survivors of the End Times and ascended into a full-fledged deity of Ghyran. The Sylvaneth were born from her soul-pods.[3]


Age of Myth

She was distant member of Sigmar's Great Alliance. She pined for the lost world and desired only to tend to her strange crops in the Realm of Life. She rued returning to the Vault Celestial for council and endless bickering.[4a]

Realmgate Wars


She sensed Sigmar's manifestation upon the Nevergreen Mountains in Ghyran and sent a lesser manifestation to confront him, angry at his invasion. The god offered to help the goddess rescue the Sylvaneth Soul-Pods held hostage within a Flux-Cairn by Tzaangors. She refused and tried to rescue them with her sylvaneth, but they failed and soon erased her manifestation, leaving Sigmar alone with the laughter of Tzeentch.[5]



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