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Anarbarziz was the nephew to the Dwarf King of Karak Vlag when it was attacked by the Daemons of Slaanesh. At the time he was away fighting Goblins with most of his clan. When he returned victorious he found that his hold had disappeared without a trace, leaving only the stench of Chaos as a clue to how it had happened. Not knowing whether the hold had gone forever, he refused to declare himself the new King. He didn't want to investigate further before receiving reinforcements so he marched his clan southwards.[1]

Armed with the axe Grobidreng and bearing the Crown of Thungrigg (an heirloom of his clan), Anarbarziz fiercely fought off the Daemon ambush in the Bloody Spires and reached the fortress of Ar Anrak. After relaying what had happened to Karak Vlag to Kungrim, the garrison commander, he made plans to march to Karak Kadrin during the summer.[1]

Unfortunately, the forces of the Greater Daemons Amin'Hrith and the Eldritch Watcher attacked Ar Anrak a few days after he arrived. The fortress was quickly overrun and Anarbarziz had to retreat out with most of his army into Death Canyon, where he was killed in the battle along with all the other Dwarfs of Karak Vlag and Ar Anrak.[1]