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One of the Black Knights.[1]

Black Knights are the Vampire Counts' shock cavalry. Just like the Grave Guard, the Black Knights are Wights and so they are much stronger and resilient than Skeletons. Furthermore, their blades have the same evil enchantments that allow them to drain the entire life of a foe with a single strike. However, the knights are equipped with lances, making them devastating when they charge, and like all cavalry, they are mobile and can attack almost anywhere.[1]

A special mention goes to their mounts, the skeletal steeds. Like humanoid skeletons, they are clumsier and have slower reactions than the living. However, they still have their strength and speed and their thin bodies give them a unique advantage. While regular horses have to slow down in rugged or forested terrain, the bony hooves of skeletal steeds allow them to progress unhindered. Also, as unlikely as it sounds, their bones are able to support the weight of the barding, ensuring that the rider will not go down easily.[1][2]