Blood Warrior

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Blood Warriors are berserkers of the Khorne Bloodbound, whose rage and bloodthirsty has taken them over completly. Their fury radiates in the form of heat, causing the air itself to shimmer, while roaring incoherent curses into battle. Even if they have suffered fatal wounds they will continue to fight in a trance-like state.[1][2]

They wield pairs of goreaxes or a goreaxe and a gorefist, buckler-like shields covered in spikes. Some of them may even wield a goreglaive or a jawbone axe into battle. They wear brass-lined armor consecrated in blood and carved with the rune of Khorne on their helms and breastplates.[1][2][3][4]

They suffer mutations like the rest of the Bloodbound, with one unusual example being a ravenous maw, where a stomach should be, that gnashes at nearby foes.[3]

Chaos Champion

The leaders of the Blood Warriors are the Chaos Champions, who carry larger axes into battle.[1][2]

Icon Bearer

Icon Bearer wield detailed banners of Khorne into battle, inspiring other Blood Warriors into greater acts of carnage.[1][2]