Herald of Khorne

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Heralds of Khorne are the strongest of Bloodletter and the lieutenants of the Daemons of Khorne armies. Rampaging combat masters capable of single-handedly taking down entire squads with their martial skill and sheer savagery.[1a] They wield Blades of Blood into battle.[2a][2b]


Bloodmasters are herald that lope into battle on foot, his murderous aura driving his fellow Bloodletters to fight harder. They will slit throats and split torsos, only decapitating the worthy.[2a]


Skullmasters are heralds which have asserted their will over a Juggernaut, making a pairing far deadlier than if they were divided. Any foe that survives the frenzied biting and goring of the mount is likely going to be crushed by it's brass body or killed by the riding Herald.[1b] Their warcries are louder than the hoofbeasts of their mounts and they lead their brethren from the front.[2b]