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Bonesplitterz are a type of wild bands of Orruks driven mad by the thrumming power of Gorkamorka. Guided by mysterious shamans that are believed to speak directly to Gormkmorka, they hunt the great beasts of the Mortal Realms so they can slay them and absorb the spiritual might of their god, which they believe is bound within the creatures bones. These savage orruks are unpredictable and difficult to best in combat, not only because of their lack of organisation and tactics but also in toughness and sheer single-mindedness. The orruks of these wild bands are possessed by the power of the Waaagh!, unable to fully revert to what is considered normal.[1][2]


The feral spirit of Gorkamorka fills the minds of all orruks when they gather in great numbers, making them even more savage than normal. This Waaagh! power is characterised by rolling green energies, and is rightly feared by all who face the greenskins. The Waagh! is especially important to the Bonesplitterz. When other Orruks get caught up in the mania, it is only for a short while - usually as long as there are things to fight. The Bonesplitterz, however, constantly feel it thrumming through their bones. For them, it is a way of life, and their whole clan is focused around venerating it's energy.[3a]

The Bonesplitterz believe the Waaagh! is a living thing made up of unruly beast souls, which can be captured and caged in broken bones and crude tattoos. Under the guidance of their Wurrgog Prophet, the holy leaders of each warclan, the Bonesplitterz hunt monsters across the Mortal Realms to claim their wild spirits. [3a]


An orruk does not choose to join the Bonesplitterz, but instead is chosen. Sometimes, when the spirit of Gorkamorka gets into a greenskin's head, it just refuses to leave. This drives the orruk into a feral frenzy as the god's energy rattles around his skull. Other Orruks find these manic boys strange and unsettling because of how they're always talking to themselves or hitting other Orruks with rocks in which they claim to have seen the face of Gork.[3a]

In time, they either wander off or are violently kicked out of their warclans. After leaving their old tribes and bosses behind, portents and signs sent by Gorkamorka guide these savage Orruks to the nearest Wurrgog Prophet. Under the leadership of these shamans, the boys become Bonesplitterz and set out to spread the power of the Waaagh! across the realms.[3a]




Name Faction Unit Species Description
Gurkak Weirdteef Bonesplitterz Wurrgog Prophet Orruk The Wurrgog Prophet of the Bonegrinz warclan.
Kruk Split-toof Bonesplitterz Maniak Weirdnob Orruk The shaman of the Split-toof Boyz who leads the tribe in pursuit of mighty beasts, believing they will gain the strength of the prey they kill.
Rograk Bonesplitterz Savage Boarboy Maniak Orruk A Savage Boar Boss Maniak known for acting more like a Grunta than an Orruk.
Zogruk Bonesplitterz Savage Big Boss Orruk A Savage Big Boss of the Bonegrinz warclan.


Image Unit Faction Grand

Maniak Weirdnob 01.jpg
Maniak Weirdnob Bonesplitterz Destruction Warscroll
Savage Big Stabba 01.jpg
Savage Big Stabba Bonesplitterz Destruction Warscroll
Savage Boarboy 01.jpg
Savage Boarboy Bonesplitterz Destruction Warscroll, Old Warscroll
Savage Boarboy Maniak 01.jpg
Savage Boarboy Maniak Bonesplitterz Destruction Warscroll, Old Warscroll
Savage Orruk 01.jpg
Savage Orruk Bonesplitterz Destruction Warscroll, Old Warscroll
Savage Orruk Arrowboy 01.jpg
Savage Orruk Arrowboy Bonesplitterz Destruction Warscroll
Savage Orruk Morboy 01.jpg
Savage Orruk Morboy Bonesplitterz Destruction Warscroll
Wardokk 01.jpg
Wardokk Bonesplitterz Destruction Warscroll
Wurrgog Prophet 01.jpg
Wurrgog Prophet Bonesplitterz Destruction Warscroll
Savage Big Boss Bonesplitterz Destruction Warscroll, Old Warscroll

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