Khul's Ravage

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Khul's Ravage, also known as the Brimstone Peninsula, is a region of the Great Parch continent in the Realm of Aqshy. It borders with the Vitriol Sea on the east and the Ocean of Swords on the west. It's lands borders with the Flamescar Plateau and Vitrolia to the north.[4a]. The battle for this peninsula was the first battle in the Realmgate Wars and it heralded the Age of Sigmar, where the Stormcast Eternals first arrived in the Mortal Realms to wage war against the forces of Chaos.[1][2]


Age of Chaos

Korghos Khul and his Goretide waged war across the Brimstone Peninsula in the name of Khorne. The Scorched Keep was the last true bastion of resistance against the Goretide, before it fell. They slew the Direbrand Tribe, Khul himself taking the life of Vendell Blackfist, the mortal who would become Lord-Celestant Vandus Hammerhand.[1][3]

Age of Sigmar


Some of the known locations on this landmass are:

  • Igneous Delta: The site of the Igneous Gate, where the Stormcast Eternals landed.[5][4a][6][7]
  • Sulphuric Sea: The acidic ocean surrounding the Igneous Delta.[5]
  • Vitriolus Reach: A coastal region of the Brimstone Penninsula.[5]
  • Jagtooth Forts: A series of fortress towers lining the cliffs of the Vitriolus Reach.[5][4a]
  • Sulphuria Swamps: A swampland region of the Brimstone Penninsula, filled with many gouting Blood Geysers.[5]
  • Brimstein Heartlands: A mountainous region of the Brimstone Penninsula, containing the tribal ruins of the Direbrand Tribe.[5][4a]
  • Dark Weald: A forested region to the east of the Brimstein Heartlands.[5]
  • Khul's Stronghold: The fortress of Korghos Khul, leader of the Goretide Warhorde. It once stood in the shadow of the great Red Pyramid of Khul, a monumental pile of skulls built by Khul for the glory of Khorne. A Chaos-corrupted Realmgate known as the Gate of Wrath lay within, its stability maintained by the brass forts of the stronghold. The fortress, Realmgate, and the Red Pyramid were all destroyed by the Stormcaste Eternals.[5]
  • Ruins of Scorched Keep: A ruined fortress where Korghos Khul earned the title Butcher of Scorched Keep.[5]
  • Worldgore Springs: A region of the Brimstone Penninsula covered in great pools of blood.[5]
  • River Magmus: A molten river running from the volcanic mountains of Duardinia through the Brimstone Penninsula to the Vitriolus Reach. The Obsidian Bridge spans it.[5]
  • Duardinia: A chain of volcanic mountains. Fyreslayer magmaholds and skaven dwellings can be found there.[5][4a]
  • Mordacious Sound: A coastal region on the Brimstone Penninsula. Rivers of magma from Duardinia flow into the sea here. An immense skull can be seen leering up from the sea, fires burning in its eyes.[5][4a]
  • Bleak Keep: A Chaos fortress overlooking the Mordacious Sound.[5]
  • Volatus Ridge: A jagged fault line between the Gate to Azyr and Khul’s Stronghold.[5]
  • Dark Weald: A burning forest.[5]
  • Smoulder Track: A road that glows like lava.[5]
  • The Flamespires mountain range. [4a]
  • Hammerhand Coast: Named after the Hammerhands[4a]
  • The Scablands [4a]
  • Tempest's Eye[4a]
  • Obsidian Fortress[4a]
  • Bloodwarm Waters[4a]
  • Fort Ignis[4a]
  • Goldenmane Monument[4a]
  • Coast of Bone[4a]
  • Vitriolus Reach[4a]
  • Bridge of Brine[4a]

Of the coast the following isles can be found: