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The Hierarchy of the chambers of the Stormhosts.

A Chamber is the largest tactical formation of a Stormhost of the Stormcast Eternals. There are various kinds of chambers and the exact number of chamber types vary between Stormhosts.[1a]

Strike Chambers

Strike Chambers are the main fighting force of a Stormhost. There are three kinds of Strike Chambers: Warrior, Harbinger, and Exemplar.[1a]

Warrior Chamber

Typically the most predominant chamber type, Warrior Chambers are the largest, most numerous, and tactically flexible form of Strike Chamber. Each has up to twenty-four retinues of all four conclave types.[1b]

Harbinger Chamber

Fast and manoeuvrable, Harbinger Chambers serve as the eyes and ears of a Stormhost, often being the first to confront the enemy. They have up to fifteen retinues of three retinues, focusing on a large Angelos conclave with smaller Redeemer and Justicar conclaves.[1b]

Exemplar Chamber

The elite members of a Stormhost, often primarily consisting of Paladin retinues. Their fifteen retinues are split into a large Paladin conclave and ancillary Justicar and Angelos conclaves.[1b]

Tempest Chambers

Serving as support for the Strike Chambers, Tempest Chambers vary in organisation and function, often containing a Stormhost's more wondrous and outlandish warriors.[1a]

Extremis Chamber

Serving as a breakthrough force, all members of the chamber have bonded with a draconic mount after enduring the hazardous Trials of Starwalking. It consists of a Lord-Celestant, a Drakesworn Temple of three Drakesworn Templars, and the Dracothian Guard's two echelons: the Lightning Echelon, consisting of Tempestors and Fulminators, and the Thunderwave Echelon, having Desolators and Concussors.[1c]

Vanguard Auxilliary Chamber

Independent hunters and pathfinders who have prowled the realms since the first appearance of the Stormcast Eternals, they serve as their Stormhost's eyes and ears. They have a large Angelos conclave and a smaller Justicar conclave, as well as their Chamber Command of a Lord-Aquilor, Knights-Azyros, and Knights-Venator.[1d]

Sacrosanct Chamber

Unopened Chambers

Several Tempest Chambers remain sealed as of writing, their contents unknown to all but Sigmar.[1a]

  • Ruination Chamber
  • Covenant Chamber
  • Logister Chamber