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Deathrattle are the vast sprawling undead empires of skeletons overseen by queens and kings.


The Wight Kings rule huge empires from their barrow thrones, tomb palaces and mortuary keeps - their populations were once living and vital kingdoms that have been destroyed by war or pestilence or simply crushed by time. Many of the inhabitants of these empires still act much as they did when they were living, toiling silently to build and maintain cities and towns, clear woods and forge weapons and tools.[1]

Their armies are a sharp contrast to the ravening hordes of the Flesh-eater Courts, marching and fighting in disciplined ranks of infantry with proud cavalry formations of Black Knights - the noble warriors of the king or queens lands. The Grave Guard are equally elite warriors, heavily armoured in the best materials their nation can provide, and like the Black Knights, their weapons are enchanted and deadly.[1]

Notable Kingdoms

Notable Members

Name Faction Unit Species Description

Cortek Deathrattle Wight King Skeleton A Wight King who formed an alliance with Queen Neferata - the Blade of the Blood Queen and together they destroyed the hosts of the Champion of Slaanesh Sydros. The Alliance still holds.
Cold-Iron King Deathrattle Wight King Skeleton A monarch who craves control and perfection with vast armies to enforce his will in the Realm of Shyish.
Dark Lord of Despair Deathrattle Wight King Skeleton
Prince of Dust Deathrattle Sepulchral Guard Skeleton
Realmreaver Lord Deathrattle Wight King Skeleton He constantly marches from one war to another with his crusading armies and has no kingdom of his own.
Sepulchral Champion Deathrattle Sepulchral Guard Skeleton
Sepulchral Harvester Deathrattle Sepulchral Guard Skeleton
Sepulchral Warden Deathrattle Sepulchral Guard Skeleton Once he was the Lord Marshal of Shadespire, but now in undeath he leads the Sepulchral Guard.


Image Unit Faction Grand
Black Knight 01.jpg
Black Knight Deathrattle Death Warscroll
Grave Guard 01.jpg
Grave Guard Deathrattle Death Warscroll
Sepulchral Guard 01.jpg
The Sepulchral Guard Deathrattle Death Warscroll
Skeleton Warrior 03.jpg
Skeleton Warrior Deathrattle Death Warscroll
Wight King 01.jpg
Wight King Deathrattle Death Warscroll (with Baleful Tomb Blade),
Warscroll (with Black Axe)

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