Devoted of Sigmar

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Devoted of Sigmar are the true believers of Sigmar - men and women willing to do anything for their divine lord.[1]


Sigmar often inspires fanaticism in his followers and the previously secluded peoples of Azyrheim are no exception and they are further inspired and encouraged by the many places of worship within that realm. The wayshrines are found throughout the Realm of Azyr bring him to the people as do the vast shinning Hallowhammer Cathedrals.[1]

The Devoted now flood across the Mortal Realms, bringing the word of Sigmar to the peoples of those land. Many are flagellants caring little for possessions or even their own health. Warrior Priests stride forth to smite the enemies of their master, singing his praises as they do so whilst Witch Hunters stalk the shadows looking for the hidden enemy - the cultist of the dark gods of Chaos.[1]


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Hanniver Toll Devoted of Sigmar Witch Hunter Human Witch Hunter of the Order of Azyr accompanied by his gryph-hound, Zephyr.
Nyoka Su'al'gohl Devoted of Sigmar Warrior Priest Human War-priestess of Sahg'mahr, a member of the Vurmite Order - The Order of the Worm
Sol Gage Devoted of Sigmar Witch Hunter Human Witch Hunter of the Order of Azyr.
Masudro Yaleh Devoted of Sigmar Excelsior Warpriest Human He and his gryph-hound, Goldclaw marched out of Azyrheim through the Clarion Realmgate and found themselves in the Silver Tower.


Image Unit Faction Grand
Excelsior Warpriest 01.jpg
Excelsior Warpriest Devoted of Sigmar Order Silver Tower Warscrolls
Flagellant Devoted of Sigmar Order Warscroll
War Altar of Sigmar Devoted of Sigmar Order Warscroll
Warrior Priest Devoted of Sigmar Order Warscroll
Witch Hunter Devoted of Sigmar Order Warscroll

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