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Dragon Emperor

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The Dragon Emperor is the ruler of the empire of Cathay, the largest nation of the world. He rules over a vast empire of many different peoples and cultures and his subjects number untold millions [1].

His full title is Celestial Dragon Emperor [2]; another of his titles seems to be Monkey King [3].

The Dragon Emperor is supposedly immortal [4]. Some believe that he is an actual dragon in the form of a man [5].

  • Emperor Xen Houng [6] ruled around - 2748 IC [7], shortly before the creation of the Great Maw.
  • An unnamed Dragon Emperor unified the land of Cathay into a single empire in - 1800 IC [8]. He ordered the construction of the Great Bastion, a gigantic fortified wall, to protect his new empire against the marauding tribes of the Hung.
  • Emperor Wu, of the Wu dynasty, was crowned in 1676 IC. In 1690 he sent a large fleet to invade and conquer the Southlands [9]. The invasion ended in utter failure.
It was probably the same Emperor Wu who met a large Tilean expedition in 1699 [10]. In the end he hired its members to protect the western borders of his empire against the Hobgoblin hordes.

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Notes & sources

  • Warhammer Armies: Lizardmen (5th Edition) p.14 reports that the Cathayan invasion of the Southlands was launched in 1690 IC, the fourteenth year of Emperor Wu. Ergo: 1690 - 14 = 1676.
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