Entyr Rocha

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Entyr Rocha, once a Lady of the Fourth Circle, formerly High Executioner of Helstone before she was transformed into a Nighthaunt Lord Executioner.[1a]


A thin shape, stretched upwards too tall, when not slaying she drags her massive axe in her wake. Her face is partially hidden beneath a ragged hood and a mask of ashes and dried blood she wore – she has blackened and broken teeth. She is surrounded by spirits that moan and wail, accusing and reminding her of her crimes.[1a]


She claims that the Stormcast Eternals or perhaps Sigmar himself took her betrothed from her on their dying day.[1b]

Following the Necroquake she was part of the force that assaulted the city of Glymmsforge, assisting the transformed Pharus Thaum.[1a]

There she was struck down by Balthas Arum Lord-Arcanum of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer, still calling for her lost love Tarsem. [1c]


In death, I am the axe in your hand. The Mortarch of Sacrament bid me serve you. He casts forth his hand, and a thousand gallows-ropes snap taut. A true lord, wise and mighty. But you are not. Not yet. Light still flickers in you. I can taste it and – oh – it is a deceitful thing. It will lead you astray, that light. I thought to grasp it, once. I was betrothed to a prince. A mighty prince. But he is gone, and I am here. I sent a thousand or more souls to face the Black Judge when I was alive, and many more since. It was my duty then, and my only pleasure now. As it should be yours.

~ Entyr Rocha to Pharus Thaum .[1a]