Fort Oberstyre

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When Vlad von Carstein was defeated at the Siege of Altdorf, the Count of Stirland ordered a castle to be built overlooking the westward road from Sylvania. Fort Oberstyre took twenty-three years to build, but in its day was the epitome of Imperial construction and military technology. Its angled walls were proof against rocks and cannonballs and its stake-lined moat was thought to be impenetrable. It could hold a garrison of three thousand men and was protected by four cannon batteries that left no approach unguarded.

Yet the ongoing political and military battles for control of the Empire sapped Stirland's coffers and, in 2088 , the garrison was reduced to just seven hundred men; three of the batteries were removed for use in the siege of Glustebad, and many of the battlements began to fall into disrepair. When Konrad von Carstein attacked in 2094, Fort Oberstyre held out for less than two hours. Konrad leaped the moat and scaled the wall of the gate tower before lowering the drawbridge to allow his Vampire knight allies and Skeleton men-at-arms to butcher all inside.

After Konrad was finally dispatched at the Battle of Grim Moor, Fort Oberstyre was renovated and heavily rebuilt, and the Count of Stirland maintained a full-strength garrison despite the drain on his treasury.

In mockery of these efforts, Mannfred von Carstein swept away the defenders in a single night. As the sun set on Fort Oberstyre, Mannfred used his Necromantic enchantments to rouse the spirits of those slain by Konrad and set them upon the soldiers within. The wailing spectres and ghosts killed men with their chilling touch and the garrison, driven mad with fear, surrendered or fled before dawn's rays touched the castle's walls.

Ever since, there have been several attempts to reclaim Fort Oberstyre, but even the most dedicated Priests of Morr have failed to exorcise its wild spirits. Whole garrisons stationed at Fort Oberstyre have committed suicide rather than spend another night in its haunted chambers. It remains an evil blight upon travellers using the western road, luring them to their doom on storm-wracked nights.