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The Gods of Law are devoted to the ideals of order, permanence, and stability. They are by nature opposed primarily to the Chaos Gods, but if the Gods of Law were to succeed in overthrowing the Chaos Gods, all change and development would cease.

The Gods of Law are as old as the Gods of Chaos - Law being but one possibility of the infinite possibilities of Chaos. At the collapse of the polar warp gates began the struggle between Law and Chaos for domination of the world. The balance of power shifted back and forth between Law and Chaos - the Chaos Wastes expanding with the success of Chaos, and retreating with the ascension of Law.

Although worship of the Gods of Law is not illegal, the gods and their followers are held in suspicious distrust by most Old Worlders. There is much to be praised about their anti-Chaos precepts, but their extreme philosophy and disdain for others does not accord well with the relatively moderate Old Worlders.

Alluminas is the master of light, an everlasting and unchanging source of pure light, which is said to render unmoving and changeless anything it illuminates. He is probably the least popular of the Gods of Law, as the bulk of the concepts involved in his worship are beyond human comprehension.

Arianka was defeated and imprisoned by an unnamed Chaos God in the distant past. It is said she lies in a crystal coffin somewhere in the Old World. The location is unknown, but the most recent rumour has placed it within the city of Praag. It is also said she can be freed from her coffin by means of crystal keys, about which nothing specific is known.

Solkan the Avenger is the master of vengeance, an angry god who inflicts retribution upon the enemies of the Gods of Law. Of all the Gods of Law, Solkan can be said to be the most well known and popular, although he and his followers are feared rather than respected. He is worshipped by many Witch Hunters.

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