Grimnir in the Mortal Realms

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Grimnir fighting Vulcatrix.jpg
Type God
Status Deceased
Relatives Grungni (Brother)
Affiliation Order
Followers Fyreslayers

For Grimnir in the World-That-Was see: Grimnir in the World-That-Was.

Grimnir was a god of the Duardin in the Mortal Realms.


After the duel between Ignax and Nagendra, Grimnir captured and shackled the victorious but exhausted Ignax. She was bound above the Land of the Chained Sun so she could provide light and fire for his people.[3]

Grimnir was found by Sigmar chained, with Grungni, on the highest summit of the Iron Mountains. Both gods wouldn't speak of how they got there, but both pledged oaths to repay their debts to him. Grimnir, a warrior god, wished to repay his debt immediately, and asked Sigmar for a worthy for to do so. Sigmar chose Vulcatrix, the mother of salamanders.[1]

Even though the god's beard and hair turned to flame he fought on, slicing Vulcatrix seven times as the fire wyrm raked him many times in return. The battle ended when both combatants smashed headlong into each other and shattered into shards. The clash would flatten the Hills of Aqshy turning them into the Plains of Aqshy and a strike from the Duardin God creates the Earthwound Archipelago. The embers of their mutual destruction fall on the land and form volcanos, like the Vostargi Mont, scatter Ur-gold across the land and cleanse many lands in Aqshy of the foul sulphurous dusts that had made them barren.[1][3]

Only the Duardin known what happened to the flaming fragments of their deity.[1]


Grimnir was much the same, always seeking offence where none was meant. He craved it, the way a drunkard craves ale. Insult was his milk and impatience was his meat. And now he is dead, and his children look to me.

~ Grungi commenting on his brother.[2]


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