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Gutbusters are nomadic kingdoms of Ogor wartribes that always wander the Mortal Realms in search of their next meal, ransacking the lands to provide their caravans with food. They are bigger and stronger, almost as twice as big as humans.[1]


For the Gutbusters everything is food, now or later, and their minds are always fixated on their next meal. They are so obsessed with this to the point that they prefer clubs and blunted blades, so their enemies don't lost too much blood and their organs remain intact, so they can feed on the tenderised flesh. Butchers are mages of flesh and blood that besides brewing terrible arcane potions also prepare the meals of their kin. Their beasts and slaves follow them after battle, waiting to devour whatever remains after the ogors feast. Their leaders are those that have eaten the lion share of the tribe's foo, growing fatter from it. Grot slaves are always worried that if the battle ends badly for the Gutbusters they might become the next meal.[1]


The ranks of massive ogors follow the Ogor Tyrants command into battle, followed by the elites of the armies, like Ironguts and Leadbelchers who bear powerful cannons and massive weapons into battle. War machines drawn by Rhinoxes and crewed by grots are used in war. Gorgers are mad ogors, raving and insatiable that go mad with the smell of shed blood.[1]


They worship Gorkamorka as The Great Beast that Consumes the World and use his divine powers to destroy the Mortal Realms.[1]


Gutbusters like to collect anything that sport them as striking trophies, like glittering orbs, bright banners and elegant armor parts.[1]



Name Faction Unit Species Description
Gorblug Gutbusters Gutbuster Prince Ogor The Gutlord, the Gutbuster prince of the Golden Horde.


Image Unit Faction Grand
Butcher Gutbusters Destruction Warscroll
Gorger Gutbusters Destruction Warscroll
Grot Gutbusters Destruction Warscroll
Grot Scraplauncher Gutbusters Destruction Warscroll
Ironblaster Gutbusters Destruction Warscroll
Irongut Gutbusters Destruction Warscroll
Leadbelcher Gutbusters Destruction Warscroll
Ogor Gutbusters Destruction Warscroll
Tyrant Gutbusters Destruction Warscroll

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