Hermit Knight of Malmont

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The Hermit Knight of Malmont.

The Hermit Knight of Malmont was perhaps the greatest of Bretonnia's Hermit Knights - Mighty Grail Knights, who were near the end of their extended lifespan, spending their last years guarding holy chapels.


No one knows the true name of the Hermit of Malmont, nor the reasons that drove him to live as a recluse. He guards an isolated Grail Chapel, on the slopes of Malmont, the great peak that overlooks the entire Massif d'Orquemont. These mountains were formerly infested with Orcs and Goblins, and some maintain that they are there still, although numerous Holy Wars, intended to chase out the orcs and their secret lairs, have been waged there. In any case, the inhospitable passage today shelters dragons and other formidable dangers.

The hermit does not die from hunger, for everyday, peasants and shepherds travel a long way to give him wine, fresh bread, excellent local cheeses, and quarters of venison. In this way they thank the hermit for the protection that he gives their villages by preventing the hostile creatures from descending the mountain. Despite his advanced age, he is a still a Grail Knight, and thus a ferocious warrior. The skulls of many Dragons lining the path are eloquent testimony to his martial valor.

The hermit does not possess a mount: he has no need, since, among the slopes and masses of fallen rocks, only a man on foot could fight. As soon as a dragon captures a maiden, the hermit comes to challenge him in his lair without any fear and no damsel shall be abandoned as a meal to dragonlings as long as he and his powerful sword are in the area. Do not be contemptuous of the man who does not possess a steed. Do not put his honor in doubt, says the same wisdom. For he is just as quick to cut in two those who mock him as Dragons.

Weapons and Abilities

Despite his advanced age, the Hermit Knight was still belessed by the Grail, and mightier beyond mortal reckoning.

  • The "Sword of Virtue": was a huge two-handed sword, property of the Grail Chapel of Malemont, it seemed to have been created for battling dragons and other large monsters.
  • The "Flask of Dragon's Blood": was an extremely reinvigorating "wine" that the peasants of Orquemont produced. The hermit knight always took a flask when he set off on an adventure.


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