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Though our fair homeland is beset on all sides, we shall resist, as our forefathers did before us. In these dark times, as our tainted brethren ravage our shores, we stand defiant and shall emerge victorious. For we are the Asur, the true kin of Aenarion, and Ulthuan shall never fall.

Prine Tyrion, Defender of Ulthuan [1]

A High Elf warrior

The High Elves, who call themselves Asur, are one of the major powers of the Warhammer world. Their homeland is the ring-shaped island of Ulthuan, located in the Great Ocean between the Old World and Naggaroth.


The High Elves have fought against the spread of Chaos since it first appeared in the world, but their most bitter struggle is against their own kin, the Dark Elves. While not hostile to their parent civilisation, the Wood Elves are the descendants of High Elf colonists who declared their own independence, remaining in the Old World.

The High Elves were the first to explore the seas and shores of the entire world and their achievements are without parallel. They are usually seen as being arrogant, aloof and overly concerned with beauty and art, a reputation which is not completely unfounded. They generally view themselves as being superior to other races.

Despite the glory of the High Elf civilisation their power is slowly fading, only to be replaced by the populous and vigorous race of man. The main reason for this development is a falling birth-rate, the causes of which are unknown.


The sovereigns of the High Elves are the Phoenix King and the Everqueen, who reside in separate courts. The current Phoenix King is Finubar and the current Everqueen is Alarielle.

The Phoenix King holds political and military authority, while the Everqueen's influence is of a more cultural and spiritual nature.

The next tier of the aristocracy is occupied by an unknown number of princes.

Foreign relations

The High Elves are allied with the realms of men, chiefly The Empire, Bretonnia and Kislev[2]. A more uneasy relationship exists with the Dwarfs. A past conflict, known as the War of the Beard, ended their initial friendship and the Dwarfs still hold a heavy grudge against the Elf race as a whole. However the two nations cooperate, even if grudgingly, in the eternal struggle against their common enemies; namely the Orcs, the Dark Elves, and the forces of Chaos.


The High Elves Empire.[3]

The island of Ulthuan is organised into 10 realms:

  1. Eataine
  2. Avelorn
  3. Cothique
  4. Yvresse
  5. Chrace
  6. Ellyrion
  7. Tiranoc
  8. Saphery
  9. Caledor
  10. Shadowlands

The High Elves also have 3 major colonies:

  1. Arnheim, located in southern Naggaroth.
  2. the Citadel of Dusk, located at the southern tip of Lustria.
  3. the Fortress of Dawn, located at the southern tip of the Southlands.

The last two seaports enable the High Elf navy to largely control the international sea trade routes.

Society & culture


The High Elves have a large pantheon, worshipping and praising the Cadai and trying to appease the Cytharai.


The High Elves are considered masters of High Magic and their knowledge is second only to the Slann, who were their original teachers in the ancient past.


The High Elf military is feared by its enemies and respected by its allies. The High Elf Navy is currently the most powerful of all and the High Elf Army is well-trained, well-equipped and (most of the time) ably commanded.