Justicar Conclave

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Marked with a star on their left shoulder[1c], the Justicar conclaves provide their chamber with missile support. With inescapable wrath, they thin enemy ranks with punishing blows against weak points and command structure.[1a][1b]


Judicators are the ranged combatants of the Warrior-Chambers of the Stormcast Eternals, wielding bows and crossbows into the fight against their hated enemies. Their long-range Skybolt Bows shoot crackling arrows of purest lighting and the Shockbolt Bows explode into a storm of lighting upon contact. Their rapid-firing Boltstorm Crossbows shoot bolts made of Sigmarite, while their Thunderbolt Crossbows unleash blasts celestial energy. If the enemy manages to get to close they use their Storm Gladius to smite their enemies.[2][3]