Kharadron Overlords

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The Kharadron Overlords are a militaristic, mercantile society of Duardin detached from the other branches that populate the Mortal Realms. They treat war and trade as only a means to amass gold and the precious aether-gold that is their society's lifeblood, holding their sky-ports aloft, fuelling their sky-fleets and powering their elaborate armor. They are all are guided by the Kharadron Code.[1]


The six most powerful are all located in Realm of Chamon where the most abundant sources of aether-gold can be found:[3]

  • Barak-Mhornar, The City of Shadow: Hidden in dark mists and with a reputation for shady deals, piracy and "innovative" interpretation of the Code.[3]
  • Barak-Nar, City of the First Sunrise: Well known for its mastery of science and technology. They also have the most delegates on the Geldraad.[3]
  • Barak-Thryng, City of the Ancestors: The most conservative of the Sky-ports and full of monuments to the ancestors and gods of the old Duardin.[3]
  • Barak-Urbaz, The Market City: A cosmopolitan centre of trade whose citizens "pursue profit with unmatched zeal." Has access to secret Realmgates and it is said the most skilled Aether-Khemists are from this sky-port.[3]
  • Barak-Zilfin, The Windswep City: Famous for its shipwrights and pilots, the 2nd largest sky-port with the best Endrineering Academies or Coghalls. Often called the "Windmasters".[3]
  • Barak-Zon, City of the Sun: First of the sky-ports and renowned for its martial pride. [3]

Other known Sky-Ports:


There are many organisations found within the society of the Kharadron Overlords.

  • The Admirals Council: Each Sky-Port is led by the Council which preside over a body of the most powerful guilds.[3]
  • The Aether-Khemists Guild: Scientists which locate and follow the aether-gold seams.[3]
  • Arkanaut Companies: Main fighting force of the Kharadon Overlords.[3]
  • The Consortium of Cloudminers[3]
  • The Dockworkers Union[3]
  • The Endrineers Guild[3]
  • The Forecastrinator Guild [3]
  • The Logistrator Guild [3]
  • The Geldraad: The highest ruling body of the Kharadion society with delegates from the six wealthiest sky-port plus a single delegate from a different minor port every 25 shifts of the Strahlstrom.[3]
  • Grundstok Thunderers: Milita type formations to defend the ships and fleets.[3]
  • The Nav-League: A secretive order of aero-cartographers.[3]
  • Trommraad: "The Bearded Council" Informal group of the eldest or wisest in a group.[3]


The Kharadron have a variety of vessels in their fleets ranging from the Grundstock Gunhauler fighter to the massive Khrundhal-class battleships. Warships are usually used sparingly due to the massive cost of producing and maintaining them - they also strain Artycle 2 of the Code. [3]

Known classes:



Image Unit Faction Grand
Aether-Khemist 01.jpg
Aether-Khemist Kharadron Overlords Order Warscroll
Aetheric Navigator 01.jpg
Aetheric Navigator Kharadron Overlords Order Warscroll
Arkanaut Admiral 01.jpg
Arkanaut Admiral Kharadron Overlords Order Warscroll
Arkanaut Company 01.jpg
Arkanaut Company Kharadron Overlords Order Warscroll
Arkanaut Frigate 01.jpg
Arkanaut Frigate Kharadron Overlords Order Warscroll
Arkanaut Ironclad 01.jpg
Arkanaut Ironclad Kharadron Overlords Order Warscroll
Brokk Grungsson 01.jpg
Brokk Grungsson, Lord Magnate of Barak-nar Kharadron Overlords Order Warscroll
Endrinmaster 01.jpg
Endrinmaster Kharadron Overlords Order Warscroll
Endrinrigger 01.jpg
Endrinrigger Kharadron Overlords Order Warscroll
Grundstok Gunhauler 01.jpg
Grundstok Gunhauler Kharadron Overlords Order Warscroll
Grundstok Thunderer 01.jpg
Grundstok Thunderer Kharadron Overlords Order Warscroll
Skywarden 01.jpg
Skywarden Kharadron Overlords Order Warscroll

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