Korghos Khul

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Korghos Khul and Grizzlemaw

Korghos Khul is of who few know from where he comes, but everyone knows who he is, the mightiest Lord of Khorne on the Mortal Realms that leads the Goretide Bloodbound warband. He has conquered the whole Realm of Aqshy. The fear and the despair of Aqshyan people named him the Bane of Aqshy to describe the way he charges the closest worthy opponent to him. [1]


Age of Chaos

He was part of the first chaos' servants to have invade the Mortal Realms. During his extended life, he accumulated countless battles and experience, turning him into a feared butcher of butchers. [3][4]

After he conquered Tower of Wrath he seized control of the Goretide and cast Aqsharya down in flames, the first steps in conquering the whole of Aqshy for Khorne.[1]

He slaughtered the Direbrand Tribe, which Khorne rewarded him with the Flesh Hound Grizzlemaw. Under his command the Goretide toppled the Scorched Keep, the last token of resistance in the Brimstone Peninsula and went on a triumphant rampage that turned Blisterfell Peak and Carbidium red with the blood of their peoples.[1]

Age of Sigmar

Korghos Khul and his Goretide against Vandus Hammerhand and the Hammers of Sigmar

The very first battle that started the Age of Sigmar was between this warlord and a new type of warriors dropped from the sky in lighting bolts, the Stormcast Eternals. The Goretide had been bored of hacking and slashing weaklings, so Khorgos smiled as he saw the new arrivals. In this battle he met his old rival, Vendell Blackfist, a warrior of a the Direbrand tribe he had previously slaughtered and was rescued by Sigmar, now turned into Lord-Celestant Vandus Hammerhand of The Hammerhands chamber of the Hammers of Sigmar Stormhost and who could finally take his revenge. As the rage and the tide of battle surrounded the two warriors, Khorgos Khul charged towards Vandus Hammerhand for a bloody and glory kill. But despite his blessed Greataxe which thirsted for altering Vandus’ fate, it was the Lord-Celestant who won the clash, forcing Khorgos to retreat. [3][4]

This defeat haunted Khul. Not only did he fail to slay Vandus with all the gifts he acquired from his god, but he had to retreat, to flee like a coward. He hunted Vandus and he never rested until he reached his target. He found his target at the flames of Aqshy's mountains. But he was betrayed by the Daemon Prince Skinkstein from the Infernia Orb. Furious and frustrated, Khul fell into an indescribable rage and it was said that it was like Khorne who slew the insolent Daemon Prince to punish him for leaving the battlefield and the Goretide, giving time for Khorgos Khul’s prey to flee. Since this event, Khorgos took the control of Skinkstein’s demonic legion and swore he would slaughter any one who steped on his path. Since this day, the power of the Goretide was second to none of Khorne's legion. [3]

He managed to take revenge on Skinstein when Archaon himself appeared before him on the Ashlands region and opened a gate for Khul and his army to the Orb Infernia where Skinstein resided.[5a] Breaking to the fortress of the hated daemon prince Khul killed Skinstein in a personal duel and so gained obedience of Skinstein's legion of daemons. After that Khul rampaged through the Orb Infernia, uniting the daemons of all Chaos Gods to great army that crushed the Slann Starmaster Lord Xen'phantica and his Seraphon armies. Khul killed Starmaster himself and so his triumph managed to be eternal.[5b] But after some time Nagash awoke and used his mysterious Red Mists to unleash a time-changing power upon the Orb Infernia. As a result all Khul's deeds were reverted, Skinstein, Xen'phantica and their armies were resurrected and the situation returned to the start of the conflict.[6][6a][6b]


Khorgos is known to have the ability to submit anything that crosses his sight, to have a strength capable of breaking any mighty will. Nothing could stop him from conquering Aqshy and slaughtering the population, while some of the people of Aqshy turned to Khorne. Khorgos Khul wrecked havoc and it is told that he has sent millions of skulls to the hateful blood god.[3]

This immortal conqueror was blessed by three of Khorne's gifts:

  • The first gift was immortality, for pledging that he would turn the whole Aqshy into Khorne’s new domain even if it will take another millennium.[3]
  • The second was his dreadful weapon, the axe of Khorne, a weapon imbued with Khorne’s rage, capable of shredding reality and fate together like a flesh curtain.[3]
  • The third gift was his reckless Flesh Hound Grizzlemaw fuelled by Khorne’s zeal and hate for cowardice, granted to him after he slaughtered the Direbrand Tribe.[1][3]