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The objective of this project is to list all the sources for Age of Sigmar content and list of "keywords" found in those sources, by sections.



Age of Sigmar

Quest for Ghal Maraz

General's Handbook

Gaming Aids

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Season of War Campaign


Chaos Dreadholds

Stormcast Eternals


Gates of Azyr

1 Vandus Hammerhand, Golden City, God-King, Realm of Azyr, Reforged, Sigmarite, Twin-Tailed Comet, Eternals, stormhost, Hammers of Sigmar, Anactos Skyhelm,, Lord-Relictor, Ionus Cryptborn, Gate of Azyr, Heldensen

2 Kalja, Svan, Renek, Elennar, bloodreaver

Black Rift of Klaxus: Assault on Mandrake Bastion

Call of Archaon: Beneath the Black Thumb

Realmgate Wars: War Storm

Call of Archaon: Eye of the Storm

Black Rift of Klaxus: In the Walls of Uryx

Realmgate Wars: Ghal Maraz

Call of Archaon: Solace of Rage

Legends of the Age of Sigmar: Skaven Pestilens

1 Crawling City:

Skaven related things: Skuralanx, Great Corruptor, the Destroyer, the Crawling Entropy, Verminlord, Horned Rat, Sahg'gohl, Great Witherer, Eater of all things, Thirteen Great Plagues, Clans Pestilens, Skaven, Plague priest, Plague Congregation, Clawband, Vretch, clan Morbidus, Plague Monk, Kruk, Plague Priest, Clan Festerlingus, Congregation of Fumes, arch-squealership, children of the Horned Rat, censer bearer, Clan Skryre, Red Bubo Procession, Great Ruiner, Plagueclaw,

Stormcast Eternal related: Beast-Bane, Lord-Celestant, Zephacleas, Astral Templar, Decimator, Warrior Chamber, Stormcast Eternal, Liberator, Judicator, Paladin, Decimator-Prime, thunderaxe, Lord-Relictor, Seker Gravewalker, God-King, Reforging

Just mentioned: Jade Kingdom, Glade of Horned Growths, Blight Oak,Clan Rikkit, Murgid Fein, Cripple Fang, Guh'hath, Brass Bastion, Bloodbound,Rhu'goss, Squirming Citadel, Tzeentch, sorcerer-king, Terpischore , automaton, Hallowed Knights, Lions of Sigmar, Hundred Herdstones, Wolf-Crag, Sons of Mallus, Luminous Plains, Azyr, Lord-Castellant, Tarus Nine-Strike,Gnarlwood, Gates of Dawn, Hidden Vale, fire-wyrm, Crawling city related: Ghurlands,Shu'gohl, the Crawling City, Great Worm, Amber Steppes,Libraria Vurmis, scholar-knight, Vurmite , Realmgate,

2 The Coming of the Star-Devils:

Hollow Sea, Citadel of the Midnight Sun, Mappo Vurmio, Olgu'gohl, Libers Pestilent, Great Plagues, Plague-Master, Effluvial Gospels, Grand Effluvium, Archfumigant, Plague-bells, daemon, Putris Bog, Ghurok-kol, Iron-Bear Hold, duardin, Plague Furnace, war-altar

Legends of the Age of Sigmar: City of Secrets

Excelsis-specific things:

White Dwarf

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Issue 76

Issue 77

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Issue 119

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