Redeemer Conclave

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With Sigmar's lightning bolt on their left shoulder[1c], the Redeemer conclaves serve as the primary battleline units of the Stormcast Eternals. Relentless and stalwart, these hardy fights are considered the sigmarite soul of their chamber.[1a][1b]


Liberators are the footsoldiers of the Warrior-Chambers and the most common soldier of the Stormhosts. Each one of them were a hero plucked from the Mortal Realms by Sigmar and reforged, their minds and bodies imbued with the power of a god, in the Chamber of the Broken World into a Stormcast Eternal. In the Age of Sigmar they are immortals hurled down to the Mortal Realms to liberate it from the tyranny of Chaos.[1][2][3]

The Liberator-Primes are the leaders of the liberators, denoted by their lion-headed shoulder pad and plumed helm.[1][2][3]

Their equipment is drawn from the armouries of Sigmarion. Liberators that wield blades have a gothic halos, while those that wield warhammers have crescent halos. A relic box hangs from their belt and some wield reliquaries on their backs. Their armor is secured by sturdy buckles[4].

Some of their equipment is: