Magore's Fiends

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Magore's Fiends Icon.png

Magore's Fiends are a Underworlds warbands whose members are Blood Warriors under the command of Magore Redhand.[1]

Like all Bloodbound sworn to Khorne, they are blinded by battle madness and lost to the exultant sensations of combat, caring for nothing else but to kill. Towering, plate-armoured killers that live a life of constant war, having taken the first steps towards daemonic ascension has forged them into mighty champions of ruin. They have an unquenchable lust for slaughter always in search of their next battle.[1]

They use Riptooth to try and track down the Stormcast Eternals stuck in the Mirrored City, hoping to tear them apart so the eye of Khorne can be drawn to the cursed city.[1]