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Menieth was a High Elven Prince of Caledor. He was the son of Caledor Dragontamer and became the ruler of Caledor after his father was imprisoned in the Vortex.[1][2e] He had golden hair.[2a] He participated in the First Council and supported the election of Bel-Shanaar as Phoenix King. When Morathi raged against the princes' choice of Bel-Shanaar over her son Malekith, Menieth alone dared meet Morathi's gaze, the other princes being cowed by her glare.[2b]

Menieth was slain away from Ulthuan in the wars of conquest at some time during the reign of Bel-Shanaar.[2c]

Menieth had three sons:

Menieth wielded the sword Lathrain, forged for him by the priests of Vaul at the behest of Caledor Dragontamer.[2d]


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