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Moonclan Grots are a type of deranged Grots that dwell in the subterranean regions of the Mortal Realms and pray to Gorkamorka and the Bad Moon. They brew poisons from fungus and breed wild Squigs, drive them into battle gaining endless amusement from these strange creatures going wild, bouncing and eating anything they can get their maws on. They wear filthy rags and invade the kingdoms and keeps of both Chaos and Order, making giant bonfires to dance around in the moonlight before returning to their caves at dawn. They hide from the hateful light of the day holding it in spite and contempt.[1]


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Kizik Moonclan Grots Grot Squig Herder Grot A Squig-Herder of the Black Worm Tribe.
Naglig Moonclan Grots Grot Warboss Grot The leader of the Black Worm Tribe.
Snazzgar Stinkmullett Moonclan Grots Fungoid Cave-Shaman Grot A Herald of Destruction active during the Time of Tribulations.


Image Unit Faction Grand

Boingrot Bounder M01.jpg
Boingrot Bounder Moonclan Grots Destruction Warscroll
Boggleye M01.jpg
Boggleye Moonclan Grots Destruction Warscroll
Brewgit M01.jpg
Brewgit Moonclan Grots Destruction Warscroll
Fungoid Cave-Shaman M01.jpg
Fungoid Cave-Shaman Moonclan Grots Destruction Warscroll
Old warscroll
Loonboss M01.jpg
Loonboss Moonclan Grots Destruction Warscroll
Grot Warboss warscroll
Great Cave Squig.jpg
Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig Moonclan Grots Destruction Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig warscroll
Grot Warboss on Great Cave Squig warscroll
Skarsnik 1.jpg
Loonboss with Giant Cave Squig Moonclan Grots Destruction Loonboss with Giant Cave Squig warscroll
Grot Warboss warscroll
Loonboss on Mangler Squigs M01.jpg
Loonboss on Mangler Squigs Moonclan Grots Destruction Warscroll
Loonsmasha Fanatic M01.jpg
Loonsmasha Fanatic Moonclan Grots Destruction Loonsmasha Fanatics warscroll
Grot Fanatics warscroll
Grot Shaman M02.jpg
Madcap Shaman Moonclan Grots Destruction Madcap Shaman warscroll
Grot Shaman warscroll
Mangler Squig M01.jpg
Mangler Squigs Moonclan Grots Destruction Warscroll
Old warscroll
Mollog Moonclan Grots Destruction [ Warscroll]
Scaremonger M01.jpg
Scaremonger Moonclan Grots Destruction Warscroll
Shoota M01.jpg
Shoota Moonclan Grots Destruction Shoota warscroll
Moonclan Grots warscroll
Shroomancer M01.jpg
Shroomancer Moonclan Grots Destruction Warscroll
Skragrott M01.jpg
Skragrott, the Loonking Moonclan Grots Destruction Warscroll
Sneaky Snuffler M01.jpg
Sneaky Snuffler Moonclan Grots Destruction Warscroll
Spiker M01.jpg
Spiker Moonclan Grots Destruction Warscroll
Sporesplatta Fanatic M01.jpg
Sporesplatta Fanatic Moonclan Grots Destruction Warscroll
Squig Herd M01.jpg
Squig Herd Moonclan Grots Destruction Squig Herd warscroll
Cave Squig warscroll
Squig Herder warscroll
Squig Hopper M01.jpg
Squig Hopper Moonclan Grots Destruction Warscroll
Old warscroll
Stabba M01.jpg
Stabba Moonclan Grots Destruction Stabba warscroll
Moonclan Grots warscroll
Zarbag M01.jpg
Zarbag Moonclan Grots Destruction Warscroll
Zarbag's Gitz M01.jpg
Zarbag's Gitz Moonclan Grots Destruction Warscroll

Colossal Squig M01.jpg
Colossal Squig Moonclan Grots Destruction Monstrous Arcanum Compendium
Squig Gobba M01.jpg
Squig Gobba Moonclan Grots Destruction Monstrous Arcanum Compendium

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