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Necoho the Doubter is one of the renegade Chaos Gods. Necoho's warp-spawned existence owes itself to a paradox which should, by mortal logic, make his very subsistence impossible. He is a deity who represents the struggle against the entire notion of gods and religion. Needless to say, this means that his following is extremely small, even for an obscure renegade Chaos God. This is doubtlessly the way Necoho likes it. In the rare event he makes some sort of appearance to mortals, he often appears in the form of a short, slightly plump old human man, with a permanent expression of ironic amusement etched upon his face.

Necoho has no known symbol, and has no temples or holy days, considering every day equally non-holy. He offers nothing to his followers, and asks nothing of them.

Necoho is generally opposed to all other cults of all kinds. The only exception is when helping one cult or hindering another would undermine the cult's credibility among its followers.


  • Something Rotten in Kislev (1988), p. 98

Necoho was created by Games Workshop for use in their Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay game, and was featured in the "Something Rotten in Kislev" book, published in 1988 as part of the "The Enemy Within" campaign, along with Zuvassin the Great Undoer.

Necoho is also listed as one of the Chaos Gods in the sourcebook "Tome of Salvation".

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