Order Serpentis

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The Order Serpentis is a dark shadow of the Order Draconis, merciless raiders mounted upon dragons and drakespawn[1]


Like the Order Draconis, the Order Serpentis is an ancient and storied organisation whose lords rode Black Dragons in the skies of many Mortal Realms. When they were driven back to the Realm of Azyr there were few dragons left for the kinghts of the order to ride and so they created new and terrible war beasts such as the War Hydra and Drakespawn. It is said a pit of hatred still lurks in the heart of the Serpentis warriors which gives them greater strength in battle.[1]



Image Unit Faction Grand
Drakespawn Chariot Order Serpentis Order Warscroll
Drakespawn Knight Order Serpentis Order Warscroll
Dreadlord on Black Dragon Order Serpentis Order Warscroll
War Hydra Order Serpentis Order Warscroll