Plague Monk in the Mortal Realms

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Plague Monks are the devotees of Skaven Pestilens, driven into battle by their frenzied faith. They hit their foes like a repulsive tidal wave of filth. They spread disease and foetidness when they fight, infecting everything they strike.[1]

A Monk typically wields a dirt-encrusted Foetid Blades, with another such blade as a pair, or a Woe-stave, but if that fails they can still gnaw their foes with their rotting, but formidable, fangs.[2]


The leaders of the Plague Monks units are the Bringers-of-the Word, for they carry their pestilent litany into battle. Some choose to carry Plague Scrolls, chanting its vile passages to weaken their foes with fevers and poxes, other choose wield Books of Woe, which by reading a corrupt prayer aloud can unleash a stinking blast of disease.[2]

Icon Bearers

Icon Bearers brings Pestilens iconography into battle in the form of Icons of Pestilence and Contagion Banners. The Icons reveal that that unit of Plague Monks is infected with a highly disease blood, while the Banners give the Monks the ability to bless their blades with even more contagions.[2]

Plague harbinger

Plague Harbingers carry musical instruments with pestilent magic into battle. Some carry Doom Gongs causing those that hear its clangs to stumble and vomit, while others pick the Bale-Chimes, that rust and rot their foes armor.[2]