Quotes Chaos Dwarfs

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Quotes from Chaos Dwarfs and their slaves - especially Hobgoblins go here:


"Stick 'em wiv arrers'. Stick 'em with knives. 'an swords, and spears. Stick 'em quick and stick 'em where it 'urts. But most of all, stick 'em when they's looking in the other way."

+++ Gorduz Backstabber, Hobgoblin Chieftain +++


"Yunno what they say, Tarka. Lucky at dice, unlucky at gettin' back to your own tent without 'aving a nasty accident."
+++ Gorduz Backstabber at a game of dice to Tarka, an other Hobgoblin +++[1]


"Dice not runnin' wiv' ya tonight Gorduz!"

+++ Tarka - Hobgoblin - to Gorduz Backstabber
at a game of dice +++