Realm of Ulgu

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The Realm of Ulgu consists of thirteen individual regions - each one is said to be full of riddles and secrets and all are rife with dangerous illusions.[1]


Age of Myth

Malerion awoke fully formed in the Realm and wondered alone across the thirteen domains of Ulgu, but he found no other aelves. At last he encountered a kabal of shadow-daemons and at centre of the revels was finally a familiar form - Morathi, his mother from the World-that-Was. Although their reunion was anything but joyful, they reached an uneasy truce and joined other deities in the Great Alliance that was being formed by Sigmar.[1]

Age of Chaos

Age of Sigmar

When Sigmar opened the gates of the Realm of Azyr, the shadows shifted enough that Sigendil, the High Star was able to be seen.[1]