Realm of Ulgu

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The Realm of Shadows

The Realm of Ulgu consists of thirteen individual regions - each one is said to be full of riddles and secrets and all are rife with dangerous illusions.[1]


Age of Myth

Malerion awoke fully formed in the Realm and wondered alone across the thirteen domains of Ulgu, but he found no other aelves. At last he encountered a kabal of shadow-daemons and at centre of the revels was finally a familiar form - Morathi, his mother from the World-that-Was. Although their reunion was anything but joyful, they reached an uneasy truce and joined other deities in the Great Alliance that was being formed by Sigmar.[1]

Age of Chaos

Age of Sigmar

When Sigmar opened the gates of the Realm of Azyr, the shadows shifted enough that Sigendil, the High Star was able to be seen. Pillars of energy burst from Ulgu's skies to throwh light where it had never been seen before.[1][1a]


  • Druchiroth: Created by the sorcery of Malerion and Morathi in the Age of Myth to be the ruling city of the thirteen kingdoms of the Realm. [12a]
  • Ironshard: A temple to Khaine is created here by Morathi in the Age of Myth, it becomes the home of the Khelt Nar Sect which will grow to even rival Hagg Nar.[12d]
  • Spyrglass Warrens: A place of twisting tunnels that was destroyed by Chaos Daemons, the only known survivor was Urglom who only did so by feeding on his kin.[10]
  • Umbral Veil: Morathi was banished into this land by her Malerion and set up the first temples to Khaine here with a few loyal followers.[12a]
  • Umbralic Sea: When she escaped from Slaanesh, Morathi fell into this sea, saved from anew death by a conjured speher of protection.[12a]


  • Bridge of Sorrows: It connected Ulgu to Shyish. The Seraphon intervened after this portal was corrupted by Chaos.[6]
  • Penumbral Gate: The Arcway of Ulgu that connects to the Allpoints. All forces sent there do not return.[7]