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The Stir is an important river flowing from the Worlds Edge Mountains through the Great Forest in The Empire. The river forms the border between the provinces of Talabecland and Stirland. The former was named after the river.

The spring of the Stir is located on the western slopes of Karak Kadrin, a Dwarf keep. From there, it flows past Waldenhof, the capital of Sylvania, down into a beautiful wooded valley.

During its travel East the river flows along the ruins of the city of Mordheim the former capital of Ostermark and Wurtbad, the capital of Stirland. The river finally flows into the Reik at Kemperbad.

Like most important rivers the Stir is the haunt of wreckers and river pirates, who are hunted by, among others, the Stir River Patrol, who wear green and white uniforms.

In 2427 IC, a duel, known as the Battle of Leitziger Ford, was fought in the middle of the river between the Elector Count of Stirland and the Elector Count of Talabecland.

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