Sepulchral Warden

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Spulchral Warden miniature.

Sepulchral Warden was once the Lord Marshal of Shadespire, but in undeath he leads Sepulchral Guard to defend the city. He has been gifted with strange necromantic powers by Nagash, causing his followers to be inspired with frenzied devotion. He is the greatest amongst the faithful that petition the Great Necromancer for freedom, and will slay all who would challenge the will of the God of Death.[1]


You were fools to defy Nagash - soon the whole city will be his.

~ The Sepulchral Warden.[2a]

Great Nagash opened our eyes. Life is a curse. Death is a gift.

~ The Sepulchral Warden.[2b]

The Faneway was a symbol of our arrogant decadence. Never again shall we believe ourselves beyond the grasp of fate.

~ The Sepulchral Warden.[2c]