Skaven Eshin

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This article is for the Eshin clans of the Mortal Realms. For the Great Clan from the World-That-Was see: Clan Eshin.

The Clans Eshin are mysterious and deadly, in a society in which treachery is an art form they are the masters of stealth, assassination and spying.[1]

Seemingly apolitical, the Clans Eshin are, from the outside anyway, stable and free from infighting. They offer all the other clans their expert skills of death dealing and espionage with agents and assassins that can-not be matched. [1]



Image Unit Faction Grand
Gutter Runners.jpg
Gutter Runner Skaven Eshin Chaos Warscroll
Night Runner M02.jpg
Night Runner Skaven Eshin Chaos Warscroll
Deathmaster Snikch.jpg
Skaven Assassin Skaven Eshin Chaos Warscroll
Skaven Deathrunner M01.jpg
Skaven Deathrunner Skaven Eshin Chaos Silver Tower Warscrolls
Verminlord Deciever M01.jpg
Verminlord Deceiver Skaven Eshin Chaos Warscroll

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