Skaven Masterclan

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The Masterclan is the faction that rules over the treacherous multitudes of the Skaven. The Council of Thirteen, arch Verminlords who direct their minions from their thrones in Blight City. In turn their numerous and often contradictory missives are carried out by the Masterclan, the agents of the Council - Grey Seers and Verminlords, each in turn engaged in numerous power plays against others of its own kind. Such is the nature of the Skaven race.[1]


Name Faction Unit Species Description

Skrillit Skaven Masterclan Grey Seer Skaven He leads an army of stormfiends and arcane skaven war engines.
Thanquol Skaven Masterclan Grey Seer Skaven A prodigious grey seer protected by Boneripper.
Skreech Verminking Skaven Masterclan Rat King Verminlord A Verminlord that has knowledge from all six types of skaven clans that he can use in battle.
Boneripper Skaven Masterclan Thanquol's Mount Mutated Rat Ogor The mindless, but loyal bodyguard of Thanquol.


Image Unit Faction Grand
Grey Seer Skaven Masterclan Chaos Warscroll
Lord Skreech Verminking Skaven Masterclan Chaos Warscroll
Screaming Bell AoS.jpg
Screaming Bell Skaven Masterclan Chaos
Thanquol and Boneripper Skaven Masterclan Chaos Warscroll
Verminlord Warpseer Skaven Masterclan Chaos Warscroll