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This article is for the Moulder clans of the Mortal Realms. For the Great Clan from the World-That-Was see: Clan Moulder.

The Clans Moulders are the beastshapers and makers of the Skaven race, who even in that twisted cruel race, have a well deserved dark reputation. Like their rivals of the Clans Skryre they are on the bleeding edge of technology but instead of insane machines they create monsters mixing warpstone, arcane sorcery, weird alchemy and brutal surgery. Best know for their packs of Rat Ogors and Giant Rats they also field rat-lizard hybrids and fanged wolfrats as well as greater flesh-hulks such as Hell Pit Abominations.[1]


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Skurritch Skaven Moulder Master Moulder Skaven A Master Moulder.
Snitterskritch Skaven Moulder Master Moulder Skaven A Master Moulder who attempted to attack Nagashizzar via a gnawhole but instead a great wave of water flooded his tunnels and killed him and his horde.


Image Unit Faction Grand
Rat Ogor, Giant Rat and Packmaster M01.jpg
Giant Rat Skaven Moulder Chaos
Hellpit Abomination M01.jpg
Hellpit Abomination Skaven Moulder Chaos Warscroll
Master Moulder M01.jpg
Master Moulder Skaven Moulder Chaos Warscroll
Rat Ogor M01.jpg
Rat Ogor Skaven Moulder Chaos Warscroll
Rat Swarm M01 AoS.jpg
Rat Swarm Skaven Moulder Chaos Warscroll
Stormfiend M01.jpg
Stormfiend Skaven Moulder Chaos Warscroll

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Release the Abomination, quick-quick. Better it feast on them than us, yes?

~ Master Moulder Skurritch during the Siege of Rancid Pit.[1]


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