Slaanesh in the Mortal Realms

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For Slaanesh in the World-that-was see: Slaanesh in the World-That-Was.
Titles Dark Prince
God of Excess
Lord of Pleasure
Type Chaos God
Status Bound
Aspects Decadent Fiend[3]
Relatives Khorne(brother),
Affiliation Chaos
Followers Hosts of Slaanesh

Slaanesh is the most beautiful of all the Chaos Gods. He is known by many titles as the Dark Prince, the God of Excess and Lord of Pleasure. He himself is currently lost, his throne standing empty, as his minions anguish and the other powers of Chaos rejoices.[1a]


At the end of the World-That-Was, he consumed so many spirits that he was overwhelmed, left bloated and helpless. He withdrew into a hidden lair to digest this great meal, but he could not escape the plots of Tzeentch. By manipulating Khorne, Tyrion and Malerion, Tzeentch ensured that the newly born aelf gods would capture the Dark Prince.[1b]

Times of Tribulations

As he was being tortured, tiny wish of energy drawn from his essence, he was caught between crippling agony and blinding ecstasy and at the zenith of sensation he had visions of Nagash victory over the Mortal Realms. At first he smiled at the ancient spirits excess, feeling his needs, obsessions and megalomania that he could never escape, but then he realised that such victory would be his worst horror, sending him trashing in mad panic against his penumbral chains. Such future would be dull.[2]


Slaanesh takes great pleasure in the torture that the Aelf Gods inflict upon him. His greatest horror is to find something dull, such as the potential future where Nagash won and converted the Mortal Realms without life or celebration.[2]


Aspects and Alternate Names

  • Decadent Fiend: A apex defiler, breeder and feaster worshipped by the Slakefrays[3]


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