Stormcast Eternals

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Stormcast Eternals are Sigmar's immortal warriors clad in sigmarite armor - his "vengeance made manifest"[4a] - and his final gambit against the forces of Chaos. After countless centuries of forging an immense army of magical beings, Sigmar has finally released them upon Mortal Realms. Their sole purpose is to liberate the realms from the ruinous clutches of Chaos and finally destroy the rulers of damnation.[4b]


Stormcast Eternals were once mortal heroes, plucked from countless battlefields to undergo a series of long and agonizing trials[4b] in the Realm of Azyr. Reforged by this process, both in body and mind, they emerged as immortal golden warriors.[1][2] Such is their physical transformation that they tower over mortal men[4a] and lighting runs through their veins. Their armor is reforged from the enchanted remains of the world-that-was.[4b]

Even upon death the Stormcast Eternals cannot escape their righteous purpose. A slain Eternal is born anew and sent back into the fray once more. This Reforging, however, changes a warrior in strange ways. The Lord-Relictors, heroes from the Realm of Shyish, hold a mysterious power over the clutches of death,[4b] that can rouse the Stormcast from death.[4a]

They ride twin-tailed azure lighting to the Mortal Realms and can only return to Azyrheim through the Realmgates or by death.[4b][10a]

The hammer symbolizes Ghal Maraz, while the lighting symbolizes the Sigmarabulus. They have parchments written with mysterious script on their bodies.[4a]


The Hierarchy of the chambers of the Stormhosts.

The Stormcast Eternals are divided into autonomous armies known as Stormhosts, each with it's own heraldry and history, of which only Sigmar knows their true number. The Stormhosts are themselves divided into several types of Chambers.[4b]


Only the mightiest of mankind's warriors get to be aspirants to becoming a stormcast, taken from battlefields in a blinding flash and rolling thunder and transported into Sigmaron. Before they suffer through the reforging they must first build their strength, spending three days and night in the endless feast in the Heldenhall.[12a]

Afterwards they are taken into the Chamber of the Broken World and are blasted apart by lightnings and are reforged anew in the Forge Eternal. This agonising process can last for a few heartbeats or many centuries and not all survive it. Then they must suffer through the seven times seven Cairns of Tempering where their bodies and souls are mixed with the Gift of Gods. Finally they are wrought on the Anvil of the Apotheosis and, if they survive, they receive the last blessings of the World Hammer and awaken imbued with a portion of Sigmar's power.[12a]


Stormcast Eternals trained by hunting down the many enclaves of Orruks and creatures that bore the taint of chaos. None of the mythic beasts of Azyr have any trace of corruption. Besides monster hunting in Azyrheim, they also trained in the Gladitorium, a magical dome that allows one to combat freely and arise unharmed from within.[16]

Allied Beast


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Calanax Stormcast Eternal Vandus' Mount Dracoth Vandus' steed and the first of the Dracoth to lend service to the Stormcast.
Redbeak Stormcast Eternal Lord Castellant's Companion Gryph-Hound Gryph-hound companion of the Lord-Castellant Eldroc of the Celestial Vindicators. He helped protecting his master during the Bleak Horde attack on the Silverway.
Tallon Stormcast Eternal Lord Castellant's Companion Gryph-Hound Gryph-hound companion of the Lord-Castellant Lorrus Grymn.
Celestant-Prime Stormcast Eternal First of the Stormcast Human The first of the Stormcast and the embodiment of Sigmar's storm, he wields the titular Warhammer, Ghal Maraz, into battle. He is the Avenging Angel of Azyr and the very comets are under his command.
Ionus Cryptborn Stormcast Eternal Lord-Relictor Human A Lord-Relictor that fought at the Eternals first incursion in the Brimstone Peninsula.
Vandus Hammerhand Stormcast Eternal Lord-Celestant Human Lord-Celestant of the Hammerhands, the first warrior-chamber of the Hammers of Sigmar.
Huld Stormcast Eternal Knight-Azyros Human A Knight-Azyros of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer, he burned the champion of Slaanesh, Lord Lascilion on the Temple Mount of Nulahmia and first greeted Neferata.
Anactos Skyhelm Stormcast Eternal Prosecutors Human Leader of the Prosecutors and the Skyhost.
Orius Adamantine Stormcast Eternal Lord-Celestant Human Lord-Celestant of the Adamantine Warriors warrior-chamber of the Hammers of Sigmar Stormhost.
Zephacleas Stormcast Eternal Lord-Celestant Human Lord-Celestant of the Beast-Bane warrior-chamber of the Astral Templars Stormhost.
Thostos Bladestorm Stormcast Eternal Lord-Celestant Human Lord-Celestant of the Celestial Vindicators Stormhost.
Gardus Stormcast Eternal Lord-Celestant Human Lord-Celestant of the Hallowed Knights Stormhost.
Loxia Stormcast Eternal Lord-Celestant's Mount Star-Drake Mount of Lord-Celestant Imperius of the Hammers of Sigmar Stormhost.


Image Unit Faction Grand
Aetherwing 01.jpg
Aetherwing Stormcast Eternals Order Warscroll
Celestant-Prime Stormcast Eternals Order Warscroll
Concussor Stormcast Eternals Order Warscroll
Paladin Decimators.jpg
Decimators Stormcast Eternals Order Warscroll
Desolator Stormcast Eternals Order Warscroll
Drakesworn Templar Unit.jpg
Drakesworn Templar Stormcast Eternals Order
Fulminator Stormcast Eternals Order Warscroll
Gavriel Sureheart M01.jpg
Gavriel Sureheart Stormcast Eternals Order Warscroll
Gryph-Hound 01.jpg
Gryph-Hound Stormcast Eternals Order Warscroll
Judicator Unit.jpg
Judicator Stormcast Eternals Order Warscroll
Knight-Azyros Stormcast Eternals Order Warscroll
Knight-Heraldor 2.jpg
Knight-Heraldor Stormcast Eternals Order Warscroll
Knight-Questor 01.jpg
Knight-Questor Stormcast Eternals Order Silver Tower Warscrolls
Knight-Venator Stormcast Eternals Order Warscroll
Knight-Vexillor Meteoric Standard.jpg
Knight-Vexillor Stormcast Eternals Order Warscroll
Liberator Unit.jpg
Liberator Stormcast Eternals Order Warscroll
Lord-Aquilor 01.jpg
Lord-Aquilor Stormcast Eternals Order Warscroll
Lord-Castellant Stormcast Eternals Order Warscroll
Lord-Celestant Stormcast Eternals Order Warscroll
Lord-Celestant on Dracoth2.jpg
Lord-Celestant on Dracoth Stormcast Eternals Order Warscroll
Lord-Celestant on Stardrake 1.jpg
Lord-Celestant on Stardrake Stormcast Eternals Order Warscroll
Lord-Ordinator M01.jpg
Lord-Ordinator Stormcast Eternals Order Warscroll
Lord-Relictor Starter Set.jpg
Lord-Relictor Stormcast Eternals Order
Lord-Veritant 01.jpg
Lord-Veritant Stormcast Eternals Order Warscroll
Neave Blacktalon 01.jpg
Neave Blacktalon Stormcast Eternals Order Warscroll
Prosecutor Stormcast Eternals Order Warscroll (with Stormcall Javelins),
Warscroll (with Celestial Hammers)
Paladin Protectors.jpg
Protector Stormcast Eternals Order Warscroll
Paladin Retributors.jpg
Retributor Stormcast Eternals Order Warscroll
Steelheart's Champions 01.jpg
Steelheart's Champions Stormcast Eternals Order Warscroll
Tempestor Stormcast Eternals Order Warscroll
Lord-Celestant on Dracoth.jpg
Vandus Hammerhand Stormcast Eternals Order Warscroll
Vanguard-Hunter 01.jpg
Vanguard-Hunter Stormcast Eternals Order Warscroll
Vanguard-Pallador 01.jpg
Vanguard-Pallador Stormcast Eternals Order Warscroll
Vanguard-Raptor 01.jpg
Vanguard-Raptor Stormcast Eternals Order Warscroll (with Hurricane Crossbows),
Warscroll (with Longstrike Crossbows)