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A regiment of Swordmasters.[1]

The Sword Masters of Hoeth are the guardians of the Tower of Hoeth. They also act as the agents and bodyguards of the Loremasters and travel the world to do their bidding.

Although these elite warriors are trained with many weapons, they learn to wield their mighty two-handed greatswords with unmatched skill. It is said a swordmaster may sever a candle in half without disturbing the flame, or decapitate an enemy and return their weapon to rest before an opponent can raise his own blade to parry. In battle they form their own elite regiments if their current duties allow them to do so.

These legendary elves are not only martially proficient but spiritually wise. Each one must be considered enlightened by the loremasters before attaining the rank of swordmaster. Only then do they realise how sacred uncorrupted life is and why they should protect it at all costs.

By order of the loremasters and the Phoenix King the Sword Masters have waged a long secret war against the followers of the cults of pleasure, eliminating the cancerous heart of Asur society before it can spread further.


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