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The Sylvaneth are the servants of life and born from the Alarielle's soulpods in the Age of Myth. They flourished in the magical glades of the Realm of Ghyran, multiplying to Alarielle's delight. [4]

Sigil of the Sylvaneth

In the Age of Chaos and Dryads, Branchwraiths and Treelords were forced to try and fight off Nurgle and his attempt to conquer their realm, together with other forces of Order, mustering in the deepest of the Wyldwoods.[4]

The war dragged on for centuries and slowly the realm of life and its inhabitants were first cut off from the other realms and then ground down by the forces of Nurgle. All seemed lost.[4]

Then the Stormcast Eternals were cast down from Azyr to seek out the goddess Alarielle and ignite again the resistance against Chaos. Now reborn in all her glory, she leads a new war of life against the invaders.[4]


The inner court of Alarielle is known as the Royal Moot and comprises the goddess and the regents of the glades - the nearest the sylvaneth have to nations or empires.[4]

The sylvnaeth are guided and reassured by the Spirit Song, which Alarielle sang when she sowed the first soul-pods. It is more than a song, it is an enchantment that still flows through spirit and land alike, binding hem together and allowing communication across the realm.[4]

Sylvaneth society is divided into a number of groups:

  • Forest Folk: Dryads, Branchwraiths - previously peaceful spirits who tended the wild places of the Realm of Ghyan.[4]
  • Noble Spirits: Treelords, Branchwyches and Tree-Revenants, they are the Leaders of the Sylvaneth.[4]
  • Free Spirits: Sons of Durthu and Kurnoth Hunters, powerful fighters but they also speak with the authority of the goddess.[4]
  • Outcasts: Dangerous and vicious spirits who can only hear a part of the Spirit Song.[4]


The Glades are the nations of the sylvaneth, although they could also be described as truely vast extended family. Like a family they share traits, traditions and culture.[4]

A Glade is ruled over by a Regent and has a number of clans whch again have their own shared traits. In times of war they will gather Wargroves to fall upon their enemies.[4]

  • Dreadwood Glade: Even the other glade spirits do not trust those from Dreadwood, they are renowned as malicious, cruel and spiteful. [4]
  • Gnarlroot Glade: The glade seeks knowledge and lore above everything and will ally with the scholars and sorcerers of other races to gain it. [4]
  • Harvestboon Glade: Led by the Willowqueen, the glade spirits have a reputation for powerful magic and youthful exuberance as they were only created in the Age of Chaos. [4]
  • Heartwood Glade:Worshipers of the god Kurnoth who they consider Alarielle's consort and unsurprisingly the first to welcome Kurnoth Hunters. [4]
  • Ironbark Glade: Not only in Ghyran but a strong presence in the Realm of Chamon and have forged strong alliances with the duardin. [4]
  • Oakenbrow Glade: The First Glade - their soulpods planted by the goddess herself, they have built a reputation for generosity and nobility but also so some claim, arrogance. [4]
  • Winterleaf Glade: The Age of Chaos has devastated their once beautiful lands and their outlook is full of fatalism and introspection. [4]



Image Unit Faction Grand
Alarielle the Everqueen 01.jpg
Alarielle the Everqueen Sylvaneth Order Warscroll
Branchwraith Sylvaneth Order Warscroll
Branchwych 01.jpg
Branchwych Sylvaneth Order Warscroll
Dryads Unit.jpg
Dryad Sylvaneth Order Warscroll
Drycha Hamadreth 01.jpg
Drycha Hamadreth Sylvaneth Order Warscroll
Kurnoth Hunter 01.jpg
Kurnoth Hunter Sylvaneth Order Warscroll
Spirit of Durthu 01.jpg
Spirit of Durthu Sylvaneth Order Warscroll
Spite-Revenant 01.jpg
Spite-Revenant Sylvaneth Order Warscroll
Tree-Revenant 01.jpg
Tree-Revenant Sylvaneth Order Warscroll
Treelord Sylvaneth Order Warscroll
Treelord Ancient.jpg
Treelord Ancient Sylvaneth Order Warscroll

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