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Sylvania, a beautiful land of grim moors and dark forests.
Sylvania is located between Stirland, The Moot and the Worlds Edge Mountains (centre right, between the two rivers).

Sylvania is an extremely poor backwater of Stirland, being the homeland of the ancient Fennones 1a.

In former times it was a semi-independent province ruled by the Counts of Sylvania. The marriage of Isabella von Drak to Vlad von Carstein led to the Wars of the Vampire Counts, in which three successive Vampire Counts tried and failed to conquer The Empire.

The last count, Mannfred von Carstein, was slain by Martin, the Elector Count of Stirland, and Sylvania was annexed by Stirland.

Sylvania is currently unofficially ruled by the recently resurrected Mannfred von Carstein.

Known features

  • Castle Drakenhof
De facto political centre of the province.
  • Waldenhof
De jure capital of Sylvania.b
  • Vanhaldenschlosse
Former fortress of Frederick van Hal, an infamous Necromancer.

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The region of Sylvania is similar to the Romanian region of Transylvania (Transylvania meaning "(land) beyond the woods", so Sylvania means "(land of) the woods"). It is from Romania that we get the idea of vampires from, and where Vlad the Impaler and Bram Stoker's Dracula came from.


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