Torglug the Despised

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Torglug the Despised, Lord of Plagues was a powerful servant of Nurgle before he became Tornus, a Stormcast Eternal Knight-Venator.


He had been first Tornus, a warrior-guardian of the Everdawn tribe, protecting the Lifewells and aspiring to human perfection. He had fought the longest against the tainted warriors of Nurgle and recognising this and his potential, the captured rather than killed him. Tornus was then cast into a Pit of Filth for seventy-seven days – his tormented body and soul subject to a new disease each and every day.

Wen he emerged he was strong with the blessing of Grandfather Nurgle, having embraced his dark destiny – he was now Torglug. He served Nurgle well in his new role, becoming known as the Tree-cutter of Thyrr to the sylvaneth who felt the bite of his axe. It was he that found the path to Athywryd, the hidden sanctuary glade of the goddess Alarielle, having followed the Stormcast Eternals seeking her.

The subsequent pursuit he led of the soul pod of the goddess was unrelenting and he claimed many new victims along the bloody road including Treelords, Dryads and many of the Knights Excelsior. At the last he fought his way through the last defenders of Alarielle and cleaved down her ancient protector the Lady of Vines. He stood triumphant……And then the Celestant-Prime landed between him and his prize, shattering him in one blow of Ghal Maraz.

His soul however did not fly to the Gardens of Nurgle but instead streaked skywards to the Realm of Azyr where he would reborn again, the corruption that infested him burned away and his original name returned - he was now Tornus, a Knight-Venator.