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For the faction of the same name see: Troggoths

The Troggoth are a group of races with regenerative abilities, a corrosive bile that can be vomited as a weapon and very tiny brains that can only think of violence. These creatures come out from under bridges, the decaying veins of mountains and the silt of river bottoms to destroy. Many regions of the Mortal Realms are plagued by these creatures, the destruction their violent packs cause seen on the ruins of merchant caravans and villages. These misbegotten children of Gorkamorka are born in the gruel of where the light of Azyr doesn't shine. They are drawn from these the deep dark places by the call to war, joining the many orruk clans that goad them into battle.[1]



Fellwater Troggoths are those that inhabit swamps and fens. They are covered covered in scales, dripping with slime and emitting a stench that is outstandingly offensive, even by greenskin standards.[1]


Rockgut Troggoths are those that inhabit the bowels of the earth. They are akin to living heaps of stone, with hide as tough as mountains and giving them a stubborn resistance to spells, turning hostile magic like flame cascading off the back of an ur-salamander.[1]


Sourbreath Troggoths are those that inhabit stinking ruins and creaky bridges. They are the most numerous of the troggoths species killing unwary travellers or anything with a pulse that comes within their reach.[1]


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