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Valkia is a warrior-maiden and consort of Khorne the Blood God. She fights with the spear Slaupnir and a shield upon which is mounted the head of Locephax,[1] a Daemon Prince[3] of Slaanesh.[1]



Born into the Schwarzvolf tribe in the World-that-Was, Valkia quickly became a mortal favourite of the Axefather, as they named Khorne.[1] So strong was conviction of Valkia that he traveled to the Realm of Chaos to see Khorne himself. There she charved down her own kingdom from the volcanic fortress of Mount Ashenfel.[3] She crossed the Chaos Wastes to join her master but fell at the last moment, only to be raised up by her god as a daemon queen.[1] Since that time Khorne fully recognized her pure rage and has breathed life anew into her more than once.[3]

Mortal Realms

Led her Gorechosen to attack the halls of the duardin king Stromnir, holding back five hundred duardin warriors long enough to summon a daemon horde and turn the battle into a slaughter.[2]

Later she fought in the Realm of Aqshy in the continet of Asphyxia where she searched of worthy disciples and killed by herself a champions of Khorne and Stormcast Eternals that prove themselves as exeptionally great warriors.[3]


Are you so foolish that you do not know our creed? It is a simple thing to decide, barbarian. Death…or glory. But I suggest you decide quickly.

~ Valkia.[1]