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Duke Adalhard appears to be a simple man. He excels on the battlefield and, whilst off it, enjoys feasting, gambling, and the other entertainments of warriors. Some observers of his style have suggested that his true loyalty is to Ulric, not the Lady of the Lake, and blame it on the Norscan blood found in northern Lyonesse.[1]

The Duke keeps himself aloof from the politics of his dukedom as far as possible. If a conflict spreads to the point that he can’t ignore it, he typically takes his forces in, crushes all parties, seizes their lands, and declares a resolution. This has been effective every time he has done it, so the nobility now try to keep their scheming from drawing the attention of their lord.[1]

Adalhard was known for fighting in a suit of shining golden armour, as a relatively younger man the Duke fought alongside the famed Calard and Reolus during a massive siege of Lyonesse by the Norscans. Led by Egil Styrbjorn, the Norscans launched an all out assault on the city itself, where Adalhard slew one of his shield-maiden daughters in single combat.[2]