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A Mistweaver Saih Aelf.

The Aelves are a race that inhabit the Mortal Realms.


The Aelves were at first thought to be lost after the end of the World-that-Was, when Tyrion and Teclis awoke in the Realm of Hysh they began to search for their kindred but could find no sign of them. It was only when they met with Sigmar that they found any trace of aelfkind, and only in Azyr. Malerion himself awoke in the Realm of Ulgu and exploring the thirteen domains of that realm he found his mother, Morathi but his search for aelves was as fruitless as the others. Like the brothers, he and his mother joined the Pantheon of Sigmar.[1]

As the Age of Myth progressed, the Aelves from Azyr and other races spread across the Mortal Realms, creating kingdoms, empires and cities.[2]

It was Teclis that first heard the cries of aleven souls trapped within the Chaos god Slaanesh and he enlisted the other aelf gods to rescue their former kin for the gods belly. They sought out Morathi who had fled the Pantheon after her true form had been revealed and she eventually told them of her own escape from Slaanesh and a plan was formed to lure the diety and trap it Uhl-Ghysh a sub realm between Hysh and Ulgu.[3]

She successfully lured Slaanesh out of hiding and together with cabals of sorcerers, bound it in that place, where they began to free the tormented aelven souls. Each of the gods took a portion of the souls and they were then reshaped and reborn - those that Malerion recreated in Ulgu were dark majestic and terrible, whilst those that were created in Hysh were angelic luminous entities. Morathi too her own share, who she claimed would be reborn as warriors of Khaine and so they were - in a way. She created the Màthcoir and channelled the soul energy into it to create the Melusai and the Khinerai [3a] collectively known as the Scáthborn but also called the Trueborn, Shadowborn or Morathi's Handmaidens within the Daughters of Khaine.[3b]

Problems quickly arose with the new creations - The Idoneth Deepkin fled from their creator god, Teclis and vanished whilst Malerion did not speak of monsters that also emerged from Druchioth. Some of those that Morathi claimed were weak or damaged and it was those that she termed Leathanam - "Half Soul" and they quickly became a male under class serving the true Daughters of Khaine.[3a]

Souls flowed out of Slaanesh and this heralded a new age for the many and varied Aelf kindreds who grew dramatically in population, especially the Daughters of Khaine who established many temple-colonies all across the realms. However even as aelf power and population grew, the Pantheon was fragmenting and fracturing at the worst time for it wsa now that the powers of Choas began their assault on the Mortal realms.[3a]

Empires burned, Kingdoms fell to ruin and rot, cities to corruption and decadence all across those same realms as the Age of Chaos progressed. Before Sigmar closed the gates of the Realm of Azyr many disparate aelves fled to his lands, proud dragon princes and blood soaked sorceress's, mighty mages and vicious privateers, frightened children and unflinching rangers all found a new home in that realm.[2]

When the gates finally opened again in the Age of Sigmar, many once again ventured out into the mortal realms, looking for forgotten kingdoms and keeps, lost kin and glory.[2]



The following factions have Aelves as their members:


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