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Alarielle the Everqueen

Alarielle the Radiant is the eleventh Everqueen of the High Elves. [1][2]

As the Everqueen she is one of the two rulers of Ulthuan and considered one of the most beautiful women of the Warhammer world, she is loved and worshipped by her subjects.

Unlike many of the previous Everqueens, Alarielle has been active in the wars of the High Elves, having been nearly captured at the beginning of her reign. In recent years whilst the Phoenix King Finubar remained sequested in his tower in Lothern, the Everqueen has commanded many armies, guarded by her Handmaidens who blow the horn of Isha to daw attention to the deeds of the goddess chosen daughter and raise her banner in defiance of evil. [2b]

This provokes disquiet in some Elves who see a reversal of the traditional roles of their rulers and others feel that the goddess herself is growing more warlike. [2b]


She is said to be the most beautiful of the Everqueens with long flowing blonde hair and silvery laughter. [1a] Some say that in the whole world her beauty is only matched by Morathi. [3a]


The future Everqueen had one younger sister who died, Alarielle was told when she fell from a tree into deep water with hidden rocks. [7d]


Alarielle grew up in Avelorn and there was little she did not know about the life within those ancient forests. [7b] often she would go down to the River Everflow, crossing it by climbing the trees and swinging on the vines. [7h]

As a child she was kept apart from her mother and sister so that they could not all be slain or killed in one place. She was raised by her aunt, never seeing her mother apart from very special occassions after the birth of her sister - once her sibling had died she never saw her mother again. Not surprisingly Alarielle resented this seperation, especially after their deaths. [7d]

When her mother unexpectedly died, she was inducted as the new Everqueen and as one of her fast offical engagements held a tournament to appoint a new Champion of the Everqueen[6a] with the front runenrs being Prince Tyrion and Prince Arhalien. [6b]

On the night after the Mounted Lance contest, her camp was attacked by Dark Elves led by General Dorian Silverblade and the Sorceress Cassandra who fought their way into her palace like pavilion and captured her. [6c] However shortly after, a disguised Tyrion arrived, attacked and slaughtered the Druchii and released her, the pair quickly fled the scene before more guards arrived. [6d] Tyrion killed a female dark elf for to give Alarielle an armoured disguise as they moved through the carnage that had been the tournament encampment and then into the woods. [6e]

As they moved away they encountered a suspicious group of Witch Elves who Tyrion slew but he was poisoned in the fighting. [7a] Alarielle paused to make a bow and arrows, proving it quickly by shooting a nearby bird for food. [7c] Encountering a group of Shades, they were forced to fight again, with Alarielle taking her first life with a arrow. [7e]

More pursuers joined the hunt, Cold One Knights as the pair headed for the River Everflow [7f] and again they were forced to fight, with Tyrion first unleashing a fireball from Sunfang. [7g] As they crossed the Everflow, Tyrion weakened by the poisoned wound, fell into the river and was washed away, leaving her alone. [7i]

She managed to evade the Druchii by taking to the tree tops and then backtracked to find Tyrion, discovering him having slaughterd a small encamped patrol. Alarielle took them him up into a bole of a great oak tree where they shletered for the night. [7j]

The pair managed to escape only to be hunted by four pursuing Assassins selected by Malekith himself. Caught at last, a feverish Tyrion managed to slay the four assassins but Malekith summoned N'Kari, a Keeper of Secrets. The pair was rescued in extremis by Teclis, Tyrion's twin brother.[1][2]

In 2302 IC She played a major role in the Battle of Finuval Plain, banishing thousands of Daemons and where the the Witch King, the Dark Elves and the forces of Chaos were defeated. [1a][2a]

Following her return to Avelon with her Maiden Guard, Tyrion was appointed the Everqueen's personal champion and consort.[1][2a]

At the Battle of the Silent Fields in 2333 IC she led an army against a horde of Daemons that had invaded and destroyed much of Saphery. [2a]

Blackfang, a ancient Chimera awoke from its slumber in 2366 IC and began a rampage through Avelorn, drawing hundreds of other monsters to the destruction, only when Alarielle joined her Handmaidens and Rangers was it defeated, the Everqueen burning it to ash in a column of white fire. [2a]


She Alarielle is considered an avatar of Isha and a very powerful magician.

The land itself is moved by her emotions as the power of Isha flows through her - when she is angry, storms build, when she mourns the skies weep whilst flowers and blossom bloom where she walks. She can invigorate the pure of heart and her aura is a anathema to the powers of Chaos, the strength of this varying depending on the power of Chaos in the world. [1a][2b]

Growing up as a daughter of Avelorn she is at home in the wilderness with many survival skills. [7d]

Weapons and Equipment

Like most elves of Avelorn she is a highly skilled archer and is capable of quickly making an effective bow and arrows from natural resources. [7c] Although she normally carries no weapon, her touch is a balm to the pure hearted but deadly to those with any corruption within their soul. [2b]

  • Shieldstone of Isha: Ancient power filled jewel magically attuned to the Everqueen and which protects only her and her Handmaidens from harm. [1b]
  • Star of Avelorn: A gem set in a light Ithilmar diadem orginally given by Aenarion to the first Everqueen Astarielle, it has powerful healing powers. [1b]
  • Stave of Avelorn: The symbol of her rulership, its power is much reduced from ancient days but can still bolster the Everqueens own already formidable magical energies. [1b]




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