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Althran Stormrider

Prince Althran Stormrider of Eataine is a High Elf general [1a] and Captain of the Flame of Asuryan. [2b]

He was known as the Stormrider for his previous exploits within the fleets of Ulthuan. [1a]


The High Elf Mage Caladris saved his life from Trolls and they became friends. [1b]

When the Skaven invaded the Island of Blood the young High Elf Mage, Caladris was alerted by Kortharion as he lay mortally wounded, unleashing a magical cry for help. Prince Althran Stormrider, the captain of the ship, ordered that they sail to the island as it was only a few hours travel away. [2b]

Arriving at the the island, Althran led the attack on the invaders himself, swooping from the skies atop his Griffon to attack Verminkin, very nearly killing the Skaven Warlord with his first strike. Skreet Verminkin was however a mighty warrior in his own right, and turned the tables on the High Elf noble forcing him to retreat. [2b]

After the destruction of the islands fortress, the few surivors sought to hold a stone bridge against the skaven aid by Althran and a contingent of troops from the Flame of Asuryan. After dispossing of his rival, Skreet, Spinetail ordered his bodyguard of Stormvermin to cut down Althran and clear the way to the temple. [2b]

However behind Althran a group of unearthly figures emerged from the temple led by Caldris whose body was suffused by magical energy. The mage and the brotherhood of knights combined their powers to create a spell of unimaginable power that poured forth in a tide of cerulean fire to engulf the rest of the Skaven horde. [2b]

In 2498 IC the [[Unicorn Gate was breached by the Druchii who held the east postern gate long enough for several hundred raiders to stream into the lands beyond. Prince Althran was called upon to hunt down the Dark Elves calling upon his chief retainer, Anthaen Silverbrow to bring his retainers, the family battle standard and Morai’s Harvest, an ancient and valued Eagle's Claw Repeater Bolt Thrower. [1a]

Finubar himself dispatched Kanedas and a company of White Lions to assist in the endeavour whilst others at court also acted to support him. Admiral Albreth, an old ally and mentor offered a company of Sea Guard and an Eagle Ship to convey the taskforce across the Inner Sea whilst Torian Doomblaze pledged the support of Caledor. [1a]

Two weeks later, Prince Althran butchered some 60 spearmen how had been despoiling Ellyrion which drew the rest of the raiders to the bloodshed. Battle was joined on the Emerald Hills, east of Tor Elyr with the High Elves victorious and the invaders utterly destroyed. Following the victory, the Dark Elf prisoners were executed without ceremony and burnt. [1a]



His estates are in northern Eataine. [1a]


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