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Amara was a Dark Elf assassin, spy and officer in the Black Guard in service to Malekith during the Witch King's invasion of Ulthuan.[1a]

Malekith used her frequently as a spy in Ulthuan as well as an assassin.[1a]


To outward appearance, Amara was the picture of Elvish innocence, fair-haired (unusual for a druchii), guileless, and naive almost to the point of being stupid. This appearance, combined with her skills as an actress, allowed her to pass through Ulthuan and infiltrate High Elf society in a variety of roles, from a traveling merchant princess to a country milkmaid from Cothique. [1a]

In reality, she was a lethal warrior, who had killed more than a thousand elves with an imaginative range of methods - garrotes, poison, short knives - and when forced to fight in open combat, she was extremely able with a long, slender sword. When not on assignment outside Naggaroth, she occupied the position of an officer in Malekith's bodyguard unit, the Black Guards.[1a]

She had a husky voice. [1c]


Malekith sent her, along with Vidor, Balial, and Khalion, to locate General Dorian Silverblade's wayward force and capture the Everqueen, Alarielle, alive or dead.[1a]

Amara and Vidor located the camp of the general and awoke him with a knife at his throat for interrogation as to what had happened since contact had been lost with their master. The tale that Dorian told them tallied with their own investigations and when they confirmed their identity and authority, the general knew he had little choice but to assist them as they required. [1b]

When the quartet finally confronted Alarielle and her escort, Prince Tyrion, in the Darkwood, Amara stunned Alarielle with the hilt of a thrown dagger before attacking Tyrion with another poisoned dagger. Her throw was so swift, and her aim so perfect, that she was completely unprepared when Tyrion caught the hilt in mid-air and whipped it back at her, piercing her through the eye. After only a few seconds of agony, she died.[1d]


We were sent to capture you, your serenity. I think there might be a bonus for us if we take your handsome friend back alive. Our ruler will be most anxious to meet the elf who has caused us so much trouble.

~ Amara to Alarielle.[1c]


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