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Archaon's Lieutenants

Once Archaon became the Everchosen of Chaos, he selected the greatest of his followers to become his leutenants. Each of these Chaos Champions was a mighty warrior and leader in their own right, and led a portion of Archaon's armies, which were either dedicated to a particular Chaos God or all equally.

Storm of Chaos

Lieutenants of Archaon

End Times

Archaon's Swords of Chaos

The earliest minions of Archaon during his fall to darkness were unnamed (at first) and of unknown origin. Coming to his rescue when Diederick Kastner and his group were attacked by the Knights of the Fiery Heart.[2a] Since then they accompanied Archaon on his quest to acquire the Six Treasures of Chaos. These Chaos Knights were unique in the fact that they possessed daemonic wings which they can use as shields whilst their curved swords of bone are sheathed on the thumb protrusions of their wings. Perhaps the Swords themselves perhaps had their plate be part of their body, as the reactive fluidity of their was not one of armored plate.[2a]

These lieutenants themselves are silent. Archaon himself named these five and carved numerals on their armour: Eins, the one who shadowed him most closely, Zwei and Drei, who seemed the two closest, Vier and Fünf who seemed to have more distance from one another. Archaon speculating that the former two were warrior-brothers, while the later, perhaps harboring a mutual dislike.[2b]

These warriors were unquestioningly loyal to Archaon and even willing to protect the ones he loved during his beginning steps on the path of damnation, like protecting Gizelle Dantziger.[2c] Vier, for the remainder of his life and who ended up mutated by the Chaos Dragon Flamefang with one of his arms and wings fused into his body.[2d]

The daemon prince Be'lakor ended the life of the remaining Swords of Chaos at the end of the search for the Treasures. He did this by possessing Archaon, revealing his plot's endgame for the creation of the last Everchosen. [3a]


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